As part of our SBDC Day festivities, we are excited to present the 2023 Mercer County Small Business Unstoppables!

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Enterprise Accounting

Enterprise Accounting

  • Type of Business: Full Accounting Services and Financial Consulting
  • Owner: Henry Pulido
  • Address: 2910 S. Broad Street, Hamilton, N 08610
  • Phone: 609-815-8484
  • Website:

Why Did You Choose to Open, Grow, or Expand Your Business During This Time?

Our mission is helping businesses to be more profitable and helping individuals to achieve their financial goals. When economic circumstances are down and governments implement strategies, our business has an important role to transmit and put in place those plans. Many people require our assistance.

Our services differentiation is based in teaching our customers all about how business can be strategically sustainable and successful. On the personal side, taxation law is so extensive and confusing. However, our expertise permits us to show in an easy way how the taxation law works.

Our consistent running of the business in the last 10 years with annual growth around 20% is a good example of how a business can be successful in any economic scenario.

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K’s Event Decorations and Rentals

K’s Event Decorations & Rentals

  • Type of Business: K’s  Event Decorations and Rentals is a wedding and event design company. Our services offer wedding and event design, floral design, balloons and event rentals.
  • Owner: Antonia James
  • Address: 966 Kuser Road, Hamilton NJ 08619
  • Phone: 609-341-8724
  • Website:

Why Did You Choose to Open, Grow, or Expand Your Business During This Time?

K’s Event Decorations and Rentals is a wedding and event design company. Our services offer wedding and event design, floral design, balloons, and event rentals. We cater to all types of events which include weddings, bridal showers, baby showers, birthday parties, galas/corporate events, intimate dinner parties, religious celebrations and children’s birthdays.

At first, I wanted to open an affordable linen rental company. However, after designing and decorating a few events, including my mom’s 60th birthday and my daughter’s wedding, I realized that I can use my passion and my purpose to create memorable events for my clients.

K’s Event Decorations and Rentals is unique because we offer 3 options to our clients. We offer full service design and decorations, rental and floral design. With our full service design we offer a package that includes linens, floral centerpieces, backdrop, balloons, delivery, setup and cleanup. Our rental service is perfect for clients who want to decorate for themselves. Our floral services include bridal party flowers, centerpieces, wedding arches and more.

During the COVID-19 pandemic we added balloons to our services. We had just moved into a showroom and purchased our first truck when the COVID-19 Pandemic hit.

Due to the shutdown, all event venues were closed, forcing our clients to cancel all their upcoming events. During that time, we had to make a decision on the 30% non-refundable fees that were already paid. After careful consideration, we decided to issue a full refund to all our clients who had no choice but to cancel. That left us in a very difficult position because we still had to make our lease payment, truck and insurance payments, and utility payments.

With so much uncertainty, we briefly considered closing the business. However, we found out from a colleague about delivering no contact balloon bouquets. We watched Youtube and Instagram videos and taught ourselves the techniques. Then God opened up a way and we delivered hundreds of balloons to so many families in Central Jersey who were looking for a sign of hope. Over a year and a half we had so many tears of laughter and heard many stories but most of our clients never saw our faces. Through this we are able to survive financially.

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Little King Sandwiches

Little King Sandwiches

  • Type of Business: Sandwich Shop
  • Owner: Robert Mustardo
  • Address: 1951 Rt. 33 Hamilton Square, NJ 08690
  • Phone: 609-586-1310
  • Website:

Why Did You Choose to Open, Grow, or Expand Your Business During This Time?

I knew that a lot of businesses were struggling and even shutting down during these tough times, and I saw that Hamilton and the surrounding areas were frequenting my business more and more. We were lucky enough to be able to provide a product people enjoyed at a price families could afford. To help out our devoted customers, we created family deals at discounted prices for groups ranging from 2 to 6 people. In addition,  while other places were cutting back on their quantities of ingredients, we started making our sandwiches with more ingredients and on the higher quality end of the spectrum.

Little King Sandwich Shop has been around since 1967. We have been providing the same unique, delicious and satisfying sandwiches to the surrounding communities for the last 56 years. It has been family owned for the last 25 years, starting with my parents. Everyday I try to make the best sandwich I can for every customer who walks through my door. Nothing makes me happier than to hear a customer say they’ve been coming in to Little King since they were a little kid and it’s just as good as it was when they came in back then. We have a menu consisting of around 100 different choices. We use the highest quality and freshest ingredients everyday and serve all our sandwiches with Thumann’s meats or meats that we cook ourselves in-house. We use all local ingredients, including our stellar rolls provided by Italian People’s Bakery. We serve all our own soups and even won the Soup 4 U contest a few years back. And serve unique, out-of-the-box specials for the more adventurous of sandwich eaters. So ultimately, we are confident to say that if you walk through our doors, you will without a doubt, find something on our menu that you will find absolutely satisfying. And if not this time, there’s always next time. 🙂

The whole world was hit hard since this pandemic started. So many people and businesses have struggled, and so many have suffered loss. I feel so lucky to be in a position where my business has been able to provide some sort of comfort to the local communities in these trying times. Little King Sandwich Shop started a long long time ago, has weathered through many tough times including this pandemic and has always come out with its head above water. It has been an institution to the people of Hamilton and the surrounding towns. It will continue to prosper and provide its customers with the same great sandwiches that they’ve been ordering for the last 56 years. And I am humbled to be a part of this legacy that so many have been able to call their own. Thank you to all our devoted customers that continue to come in everyday and keep us alive. We are beyond happy to serve you, now and as long as our doors are open.

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Nonstop Fitness

NonStop Fitness

  • Type of Business: Fitness Facility
  • Owners: Marcus Eaddy and David Milligan
  • Address: 2807 Brunswick Pike Lawrenceville, NJ 08648
  • Phone: 609-323-7637
  • Website:

Why Did You Choose to Open, Grow, or Expand Your Business During This Time?

After the pandemic and experiencing such a life changing time, we wanted to offer people an outlet to battle health, wellness, and disease. 

We are a gym that consistently shows the improvements and transformations within our members, unlike gyms in the surrounding area. 

Nonstop is a facility that has been able to create a community amongst their staff and members with goals aligned. We have created an environment that is friendly and our members feel like family. 

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Walker's Caribbean Grill

Walker’s Caribbean Grill

Why Did You Choose to Open, Grow, or Expand Your Business During This Time?

My husband and I built a customer base by providing platters to family and friends over the past 5 years from our small home-based kitchen. Through word of mouth about how tasty the food is, we have established a great reputation amongst those looking for authentic Jamaican cooking.

We have been waiting for the right location for over 3 years; this one just felt right. We signed the lease to our store in February of 2022, it took us 9 months to open our doors.

We made it through 13 inspections, being misled by contractors, being told to stop because we are in over our heads, and thousands of dollars of our own income to get here. We believe in our dream of owning this business and will do everything it takes to succeed in it.

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