Brian Smith

Wednesday, Oct 21: Network with UGGs Founder Brian Smith

Free Business Week Networking Opportunity and Inspirational Talk! Join us Wednesday, October 21 at the College of New Jersey's Kendall Hall where Brian Smith will be delivering his keynote entitled "Managing Chaos - You Can't Give Birth to Adults." Brian's revelations on the transformation and growth of a business from its start to maturity are powerful points that every business owner can identify with. From taking an idea from "conception" to the "birth" of a product or service, through the long period of "infancy," (when most people give up) Brian will describe how to get through the "toddler," "youth," and "teenage" periods to the safe harbor of "maturity." Don't miss this rare opportunity to network with Brian Smith in person. Register now and secure your seat!

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Brian Smith is the Founder of UGG brand footwear, Entrepreneur, Author, Mentor and Coach. We have just FOUR private coaching opportunities and ONE group coaching opportunity with Brian available for Tuesday, October 20 at TCNJ. Act fast to secure your seat and be part of this unprecedented opportunity to learn from Brian Smith. He will laser focus on YOUR questions and concerns and provide guidance and recommendations for your company. With his help, you can elevate your business to the next stage of growth.

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