Five Key Insurance Coverage Areas Every Business Needs

"Life is full of Interruptions,” says Esther Tanez, owner of ESTIR Inc. Insurance Agency. Tanez, who has 30 years in the insurance industry, adds, “It’s important for you to have a close relationship with your insurance agent as they are part of the team that helps you plan and manage your commercial investments. Not having the right insurance can cost you hundreds of thousand of dollars in losses.” Read on to find out the five key insurance coverage areas every business needs.

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5 Cyber Breach Protection Tips for Small to Medium-Sized Businesses

The headlines make it clear that large corporations, despite their sophisticated security armor, are vulnerable to cyber attacks. Smaller businesses must be vigilant, however, because they typically do not have the resources to protect their data and often do not think it will happen to them. Read on to get 5 Inexpensive Cyber Breach Protection Tips from Carol Gabel and Register for our FREE April 20 Cybersecurity Conference!

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