Deadline Nears for State Tax Credit

JULY 11, 2016. That’s your last chance to apply for tax credits through the Business Employment Incentive Program (BEIP). The 20-year-old program once offered grants to companies that created jobs in New Jersey, but it was closed in 2013. Earlier this year, Governor Christie signed a law offering businesses which qualified for BEIP to convert their outstanding grants into credits they can use to lower their tax liabilities and insurance premiums. Read on for details regarding the conversion and its upcoming deadline.

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We’re #1! (But You Knew That…)

Not that you needed ANOTHER reason for working and living right here in Mercer County, but it’s reassuring to know other professionals think so too. WalletHub, a one-stop financial site for small business owners and consumers, recently ranked America’s Best & Worst Cities, and placed Princeton at the top — in the good column, that is. Who knew? We did, of course. Take a look!

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TIGERLABS: Bringing Unity to Our Business Community

Also making news: Tigerlabs in downtown Princeton: Part mentoring center, part business accelerator, “Tigerlabs provides office space and services to aspiring entrepreneurs,” says Trish Ryan, Director of Business Development. “But what we really offer is an open community where like-minded people collaborate and get help.” And, get access to funding through its Accelerator Program investing in early stage software companies across a broad range of sectors including digital health, financial services, education and the internet of things. Read on to find out how Tigerlabs might be able to help your business grow.

On Your Mark, Get Set, Tell Your Story

As a business owner, you already know the value of an elevator pitch. You can explain your proposition in the time it takes to ride ten floors. You’re great in a boardroom, convincing decision-makers why they should hire you. Your message is compelling. Motivating. And emotionally moving. Which is exactly what Steve Besserman does best as Founder of AriJoe Productions in Trenton. Besserman's video documentary company gets to the heart of every story.

LATE-BREAKING NEWS: Local Papers Still a Smart Choice for Small Businesses

Print news is very much alive and well, especially for Mercer County businesses trying to reach local customers. Recent research found that consumers retain 90% of what they read in print versus much lower numbers online — a significant difference for companies who want their advertising to be memorable.

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