Mercer County Small Business Investment Program


Recorded on January 30, 2024

Small Business Development Center at The College of New Jersey and Mercer County is partnering with SMBX to pilot the Small Business Investment Program.

SMBX is an innovative marketplace for Small Business Bonds, providing an avenue for small businesses to raise capital from their local communities. This event is designed to introduce businesses to this funding opportunity.

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Investment Opportunities:

Who Can Invest? Anyone with a US bank account or credit card can invest, starting with as little as $10. Potential Returns: Investors have the opportunity to earn 7-11% interest on their investment.

Eligibility Requirements: To participate, businesses must meet the following criteria:

Must have 30 or fewer employees Established prior to April 10, 2023 Maintain a physical location in Mercer County Have less than $10 million in gross revenue Any owner with more than 20% ownership must pass a background and credit check Must demonstrate 6 months of net positive income

Speaker(s): Peter Barden VP of Communications and Public Affairs

Co-Sponsor(s): Mecer County, SMBX