Congratulations to our 2023 Small Business Success Awardee RV Global Solutions, Inc.

In the competitive world of management consulting, Rahul Gangu, the visionary behind RV Global Solutions, Inc., faced a formidable challenge that could either propel his company to new heights or leave it struggling in the shadows of larger competitors. His ambitious goal was to secure lucrative contracts with the Department of Defense. It required both Rahul’s expertise in his field as well as a mastery of specialized accounting practices compatible with QuickBooks and tailored to the stringent requirements of Defense operations.

Despite Rahul’s exhaustive search across various platforms and organizational offices, the specific expertise he needed remained elusive. The intricate nature of Department of Defense accounting protocols meant that only a select few professionals possessed the necessary skills.

Rahul went to the NJSBDC for assistance and was matched with Darlene, a certified QuickBooks counselor whose experience and proficiency were exactly what Rahul’s ambitious project required. Darlene helped transform Rahul’s approach to financial management.

Darlene’s guidance led to the implementation of thorough monthly reviews and optimizations of bill payments and customer transactions. It streamlined operations and ensured that Rahul had access to accurate and meaningful financial data, critical for making informed decisions and steering his business towards sustained success.

The collaboration between Rahul and the NJSBDC, facilitated by Darlene’s expertise, bore remarkable fruit. RV Global Solutions, Inc. secured three prime contracts with federal agencies. These contracts, totaling over $4 million, marked a significant milestone in the company’s growth and solidified its standing in the competitive landscape.

Rahul Gangu’s story is a testament to the power of strategic partnerships with organizations like the NJSBDC. Darlene’s support and expertise helped RV Global Solutions navigate the complexities of financial management for defense contracts. It is a shining example of the invaluable resources available to New Jersey business owners who are committed to achieving their dreams.

Rahul Gangu, President
247 E. Front Street, Ste. 1
Trenton, NJ 08611
(732) 802-0009