he U.S. Small Business Administration today marks 68 years of service as a voice for America’s 30 million small businesses and innovative startups. For nearly seven decades, the SBA has been a part of the small business journey for business owners and entrepreneurs, helping them start, grow, expand, and recover from disasters.

“Since our founding in 1953, the SBA has supported countless small businesses and seeded innumerable American Dreams — harnessing the power of our nation’s entrepreneurial spirit to fuel our nation’s economy,” said SBA Administrator Isabella Casillas Guzman. “Through our network of resource partners and district offices, and our incredible mission-focused staff, we’re proud to continue to offer access to capital, counseling, mentoring, federal contracting, and life-saving disaster support to 30 million small businesses and innovative startups in every corner of our nation. As we emerge from this once-in-a-generation pandemic, we’re focused on helping our small businesses build back better — positioning them at the forefront of the reimagining of a future economy that works for all of us.”

The SBA has delivered a historic nearly $1 trillion in economic relief to millions of small businesses in need during this unprecedented period. The SBA remains committed to helping underserved communities and businesses everywhere recover and adapt to help keep their doors open and scale from micro-businesses to economic powerhouses. Whether in city centers, rural town squares, or suburban markets, entrepreneurs and their employees have borne some of the most significant impacts during this pandemic. As businesses continue to fully reopen, the SBA will continue to support their resilience.

Administrator Guzman continued: “Through unprecedented efforts to mobilize the full force of the federal government, we have not only saved businesses but have reduced economic disruptions in every community across the United States. The SBA is strongly committed to continuing to provide the most effective and customer-focused response possible to support small businesses that have incurred substantial economic loss as a result of the pandemic.”

The SBA encourages business owners to leverage the resources and tools to start, grow, expand, or recover as they rebuild. To learn more, visit https://www.sba.gov/funding-programs/loans/covid-19-relief-options.


Article Courtesy of the SBA