We would like to personally invite you to an extraordinary new program that is offered in partnership with the NW-NJSBDC to the small business community, it’s called NJ Community of Excellence. Your entire organization will be able to adopt a company-wide management system that engages your staff and brings them together as one cohesive and inter-connected unit.
As part of the NJ Community of Excellence program you and three of your employees will have access to participate in this program as your LEAN-Team. You will receive access to LEAN management tools, training, and support that will enable you to rollout your organization’s management (operating) systems from leadership to the frontline employees.
The NJ Community of Excellence is made up of three (3) key elements:
(1) Lean Management Bootcamp
A recurring management Bootcamp where you and your LEAN-team can
learn how to implement essential management practices recommended
by the U.S. Baldridge Performance Excellence Framework for
(2) Implementer’s Roundtable
Membership in a monthly on-line roundtable where you and your LEAN-Team receives support, shares results, discusses blockers, and celebrates successes with a panel of peer-advisors.
(3) One-on-One Coaching Support
You and your LEAN-Team will receive monthly access to on-line coaching by a Lean Scale-Up Master Pro Implementer.
The Community of Excellence offerings is to assist every member design and implement a clear roadmap for becoming a more systematic, sustainable, and scalable organization.
Your whole organization will receive UNLIMITED access to:
  • All on-line LEAN Bootcamp training and support sessions
  • The “Lean Scale-Up” book for both leaders and staff
  • 10 customizable “Lean Scale-Up” management tools
 You and 3 members of your organization’s LEAN-Team receive:
  • Access to the monthly on-line Integrator’s Roundtable
  • Access to a monthly private on-line coaching session
Some of the benefits by participating in such a program is that your organization will experience:
  • 55% increase in productivity
  • 100% of strategies implemented
  • 44% increase in sales
  • Listen to the success of one entrepreneur.
As a business owner we understand that strategy and execution are critical to the success of our business. Our Community of Excellence program provides that strategy and execution providing with a clear roadmap to success. As a client of NW-NJSBDC, your monthly payment for this program will be $495 (includes you, 3 management members (LEAN-Team), and your whole organization) the opportunity to grow successfully.
To get started visit https://www.managehub.pro/njsbdc