Why is it taking so long to get my claim processed? … Why can’t I get through when I call? … How are all these claims going to impact my business — and can I, as an owner, get benefits myself? … Who is eligible for the extra $600 dollars in benefits and what do you have to do to get it? … How does the pandemic unemployment assistance program work and who is eligible for it? … How do I get a new PIN or password? … And, again, why is this taking so long?

Questions. There are so many questions around unemployment insurance benefits, the $600 additional benefit — and the pandemic unemployment assistance program, which has been designed to help those who are not eligible for traditional benefits.

New Jersey Department of Labor & Workforce Development Commissioner Robert Asaro-Angelo joined ROI-NJ for a webinar sponsored by the New Jersey Chamber of Commerce and Withum last week. In a fast-paced hour, Asaro-Angelo answered approximately 60 questions.

We transcribed the questions and his answers, breaking them into three categories:

  • A Q&A that would apply to everyone (see below);
  • A Q&A of interest specifically to employees (click here);
  • A Q&A pertinent to owners/independent contractors (click here).

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