Hubspot has some super simple and usable articles on sales and communications. An expert in online sales communications, they always keep in mind the human element involved, as is reflected in their well-researched articles. Most of all, they make it simple to embrace and take action. In their recent “13 Communication Skills That Are Crucial to Sales Success” article – while 13 may seem like a lot to follow… these are simple, wearable, doable and understandable things to do that ultimately show how tuned in you are to your customer.

For instance, one of the skills mentioned is PAY FULL ATTENTION. Sounds simple, right?

But, truthfully, how many times have we anxiously waited for the client to stop talking so we don’t forget to blurt out our benefits and features to them?

Another skill mentioned: Be EMPATHETIC. It is critical our customers know we are not only listening, but HEARING them too?

We can understand where they are coming from even if it isn’t necessarily in our direction. That builds a faster bridge to getting to the place where you both win and get repeat sales… instead of just perhaps a one-and-done order.

Hubspot lists 11 more gems here… and here’s the tried and true strategy to make them work: TRY ONE OF THEM AT A TIME. Try for a week. Try for 2 weeks… break them in. The faster you fumble through them, the quicker it will become more natural for you.

Check out the rest of Hubspot’s sales skills here, and start implementing (or re-implementing!) one skill today: