Aja Frost wrote a masterful short piece for HubSpot on the “5 Game-Changing Communication Techniques You’ll Wish You Started Using Yesterday.” We’re sharing our takeaways from it: with 5 dynamic communications tools you should start using NOW… though we suggest you first FOCUS ON THE FIRST FOUR.

  1. Use Leading Questions: “What if?” “How will?” to dig a little deeper in to the objections or hesitations
  2. Use “Would you be willing to” to soften the ask to get them to try  
  3. Never say “Anything” as in “Is there anything else we can answer or do for you?”
  4. Repeat their last 3 words… there’s a goody! It reminds you (and them) that you are listening 
  5. Using Nouns instead of Verbs – for some of us, this will take a little leap in remembering verbs and nouns and the gymnastics of thinking that through. To keep it simple, we suggest you read the article and FOCUS ON THE FIRST FOUR.  

And again… don’t try to take it all on at once.  Practice one skill at a time. Start working a new skill for 1-2 weeks (or months), and then move on to the next. You’ll be surprised at your progress as you build upon each step.

Next steps: Get started!