LIVE Interview with UGG Founder and Business Leader Brian Smith – Noon on April 7

  • Brian Smith, UGG Imports Founder

Join us LIVE at NOON on April 7th for an in-depth interview with UGG Imports Founder and Business Leader Brian Smith! Call in and join us live at 646-721-9847.

As part of our new podcast learning initiative, we’re interviewing incredible business leaders to get their knowledgeable advice and sharing it with you via podcasts on our BlogTalkRadio channel.

Brian Smith, UGG Imports Founder

Brian Smith, UGG Imports Founder

About Brian Smith
Brian Smith was born in Australia, where he developed his love of surfing. A chartered accountant, he studied at the UCLA Graduate School of Management, and with $500 of start-up money, he founded UGG Imports to bring sheepskin footwear to America. A passionate innovator and entrepreneur, Brian is one of the most sought after business leaders in the country today. As a media guest and inspiring speaker, he is committed to teaching his breakthrough business strategies to entrepreneurs and translating personal vision and spirituality into company culture.

Join us LIVE by calling 646-721-9847 at noon on April 7th, or download the podcast from our page, available shortly after the interview is complete. 

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