America’s Small Business Development Center (ASBDC) at The College of New Jersey is partnering with Living Hope Empowerment Center (LHEC) at Trenton P.A.L. to provide technical assistance and business educational programs to Trenton area established businesses and entrepreneurs.

Beginning August 2014, the ASBDC will provide technical assistance, individual counseling and workshops to small business owners and startups in Spanish & English at LHEC on Farragut Street, Trenton.  Training will cover different areas such as registering and starting a business in Mercer County, business planning, QuickBooks and more.

“As part of our outreach program for the Mercer County Office of Economic Development and Sustainability, we are moving some of our programs and services off the campus and into the community.” shares Lorraine Allen, ASBDC Director.

“We are truly excited as we anticipate that this partnership with ASBDC will further our goal of establishing mechanisms that facilitate processes for Trenton residents to develop marketable skills for the purpose of beginning to secure financial independence.” said Francis Blanco, CEO of  LHEC.

Lilian Mauro, ASBDC County Program Manager, coordinates the growing programs for Spanish speaking businesses and managing the outreach for how to do business in the county… starting up, financing and getting on the county bid lists.  Each year, the ASBDC-NJ at TCNJ counsels more than 600 established and start-up businesses and trains approximately 2,000 business people with informational seminars and hands-on management workshops training events for more than 30 years.

“This partnership is the right answer to help us empower businesses who normally don’t or can’t leave their community because of time, distance, etc.  It makes a big difference to them for us to make a small change to be here instead.” explains Mauro. “LHEC has a strong connection in the Trenton community serving over 400 children and adults via direct programming and service delivery addressing Youth, Healthy Living & Wellness Initiatives and Community Development, as well as through collaborative working relationships with other service providers and community stakeholders.  With strong ties within and a facility located in the heart of a growing community, they welcome the businesses as the community is also being empowered.  Our joint efforts double the returns.”

All program and services are available in English and Spanish on a full time basis, while outreach, referrals and general assistance services may also be provided in less common languages or dialects.  For more information call ASBDC 609-771-2947 or email, call LHEC 609-392-4094 or by email at