Could you use a database of your target market? Are you looking for new suppliers to access supplies or reduce costs? Is your business operating at the optimum industry average?

Serving established and new venture companies in Mercer County, your ASBDC has secured a college to do groundwork research for local companies that could make a big difference in the executive decisions you make. The more data, the better the decision, and the better your results.

could include:

  • Industry benchmarks
  • Databases for target markets
  • Competitor information
  • Trends for your industry
  • Demographics for a particular region
  • Manufacturers
    for your product line
  • Best practices
  • Cost analysis of existing financials
  • Average salaries for industry-specific positions
  • And more!

Their research and our team of expert consultants can help you identify and prioritize the information we secure, evaluate and review it with you AND help you create an action plan to effectively use it.

This assistance is brought to by the support of the Mercer County Office of Economic Development and Sustainability, The College of New Jersey, The U.S. Small Business Administration and the State of New Jersey.

If you have been meaning to investigate and research… please consider taking advantage of this incredible and rare opportunity.

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